7 Tips to Feng Shui Your Kitchen

If we like our kitchens, then we will likely want to spend more time there, creating meals that nurture our bodies and souls. If we don’t like them, we will be tempted to get in and get out, eating more quick foods on the fly– which means our health (and figure) will suffer.

In feng shui, kitchens are considered one of most important rooms in the home. They represent the hearth and home, and they should be clean, well-lit, happy places for friends and family to gather and connect.

Since our health is so important, kitchens are also connected to wealth, as poor health will hamper our ability to make a living.

Here are 7 feng shui fixes to help you love spending time in this important space!

Kitchens are one of the more active or yang areas of the home (see my article on Yin and Yang), so bring in brighter colors, active, happy and inspiring artwork and brighter lighting, and bring in nature. Live plants and/or pictures from nature will always inspire out souls! (See Bringing Nature into the Home).

Kitchens are magnets for everything to land, so you want to head it off at the pass and create places for everything to belong. Baskets are great for this. Train yourself to always put keys and mail in your designated container.

Does your refrigerator door look like an overwhelming cacophony of to do lists and a hodgepodge of assorted pictures?

Refrigerator doors are great places to celebrate achievements and display pictures of friends and loved ones but they often get out of hand. A good rule of thumb it to take everything down, store in a shoe box and rotate the pictures, giving everything and everyone prominence, rotating them every few weeks.

Discipline yourself to keep objects off the counters that you do not use on a daily basis such as toasters, blenders, mixers and Cuisinarts. Store them in your newly cleared cupboards and replace with a few lovely vases and/or objects that inspire you. Juxtaposing functional cooking objects with whimsical or uplifting ones will greatly enhance the cooking experience and bring a higher vibrational energy into the food you are preparing.

You won’t believe how different your kitchen will feel without the heavy objects hanging overhead. Many of the home accidents happen in unsafe kitchens!

The earth element brings in a grounding energy and encourages us to be in our bodies, an important feature when dealing with the fire and knives that are inherent in kitchens.

If you were planning on remodeling your kitchen, a good choice for the counter tops would be earthy granites or tiles in earth tones. Black represents the water element and encourages us to be too “floaty” and un-grounded, which is not a good idea for kitchens.

Creating a nurturing, happy, organized and inspiring kitchen will support the needs of the family while uplifting their souls, making your hearth truly the heart of your home!

Home Decorating: Kitchen on a Budget plan

Embellishing a home can be an attempting thing to do with the most effective of spending plans. The fact that you do not take place to have large lots of amount of money existing around however ought to not stop you from having a wonderful cooking area to call your personal. The cooking area desires all, the heart of any kind of home and you desire this room to be one that invites every person to find, gather, and pitch in (one can constantly dream right?). This is the reason that you want your cooking area to shine above all various other rooms in your home though. The cooking area must radiate heat and house to all who get in.

Truthfully talking there are several points you can do in your kitchen that will considerably affect the overall appearance of your kitchen area without transforming anything structurally within your cooking area. If you have wallpaper, remove it as well as attempt paint. There are all type of excellent points you can do in the cooking area from plaster, which goes remarkably well in a kitchen area, to artificial coatings and also structures, and lusters for included impact. The walls in the kitchen area are your canvas and the globe goes to your disposal. Just remember to try to connect the wall surfaces right into the floorings and also closets or at the very least to the floorings as well as closets you intend to have in your kitchen area at some point.

Along with painting the walls in your cooking area you could likewise intend to think about painting, discoloration, or antiquing your cupboards. I recognize that some jaws simply dropped to the keyboard. How dare I recommend something as painting wooden cabinets? The solution is simple truly. It is more affordable than replacing them and much less complex compared to staining them. Actually it comes down to an issue of option. My first choice would not be painting however, there are times when paint is a practical choice. It will substantially alter the total look of the cooking area if absolutely nothing else.

Relocating right along. An additional excellent change that isn’t really horribly costly to earn in the kitchen is equipment. The straightforward act of changing the door deals with and drawer pulls on your kitchen cupboard could cause a nearly instantaneous renovation. When these changes are combined with repainted or discolored cabinetry the impacts are nothing except spectacular in many cases. It’s the little things that frequently have the best impact so maintain this in mind when preparing your modifications.

The floors of your kitchen area are an additional instead economical adjustment that can be made in spite of prejudgments. You do not have to go top of the line in order to take pleasure in huge modifications in the look of your floorings. There are laminate floorings that are rather cost-effective to mount in addition to lots of types of peel and also stick floor tile that could produce excellent results for very little initiative and without expert abilities. Any kind of floorings that you can installing on your own will conserve a lot of cash as well as can make a huge difference in the look and your enjoyment of your cooking area.

Maybe the greatest coup of all when it pertains to altering the look of your kitchen is the ability to apply stainless steel PVC call paper to your kitchen area devices in order to provide the instant look of stainless steel. This is a very affordable approach for updating the general appearance of your kitchen area in an issue of minutes and also at an expense much less compared to that of replacing one home appliance. For your counter tops an affordable and also horribly disruptive alternative to replacing them completely is to apply peel and stick tile over your existing counter tops.

As you could see there are numerous ways in which you can enhance and enhance the heat and also coziness that you want your kitchen area to communicate without shattering the piggy financial institution in the process. You ought to keep in mind that taking on one job at a time enables you to make the modifications in your very own time and also as funds permit.